Welcome to our new Promotional Product Website!

Our goal is to take you back to a time where good old fashioned customer service is a priority! Where the CLIENT is the most important asset to our business and where you are APPRECIATED!

• As the Bible says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
• Always offer our customer at least one service they can't receive anywhere else.
• You, our customer, are very important, and you are the reason we are here! THANK YOU!
• We need YOU, much more than we need ourselves.
• You, our customer, will always be right.
• It's our job to take care of you, if we don't someone else will!
• If we make a mistake, we will correct it immediately!
• Our simple but powerful rule: Always give you, MORE than you expect to get!
• Good enough for some, is not good enough for us.
• The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary, is: to give that “little” extra.
• Quality rather than quantity matters, and we offer BOTH!
• We do simple things, but in very exceptional ways!

Tammy E. Cormier
Trinity Promotional
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C'est Fou Cajun Seasonings
C'est Fou Cajun Seasonings